The Log

In Omegle chats based on some interesting topics, two strangers ask a random question and are asked to talk about it. The questions are based on the likes and interests of the users and thus the people of all age groups love spending time on this portal and thus make some new friends.

According to Omegle employees, users can keep secrets when using the website Chat participants call each other and strangers to protect the anonymity of both people. The Omegle portal can be accessed on the official portal at This portal helps users to make friends from all over the world.

A common query on the Omegle website is ASL. The chat starts with a simple Hello and then if everything goes well, you may find some great friends on this portal.

Omegle’s disclaimer states that other users can call a judge or site administrator. However, there are no guidelines in this section. At the end of an Omegle chat, users get the option to save the chat log and distribute the section. Also, the message you send on this portal is highly encrypted and thus safe.

You can make the video call on the official Omegle portal by using an Andriod device. The steps to do so are published in our article.

The most important thing for a person is to share their feelings with those who desire to enjoy life in their own way and to let the brain heal and relax after hectic daily tasks. You can also do these tasks when you have good friends around you. If you don’t have these friends then don’t worry and turn a stranger into the amazing functionality of the phenomenal Omegle chat platform. Remember, sometimes a stranger can be a good healer too!